Cool Headed

Jinnah's Ideals

 “Finally, I would earnestly advise you to think and act with sobriety and in all humility as selfless and true soldiers of the people, and with absolute loyalty to Pakistan.  ”

- Mr. Jinnah / Quaid-e-Azam

- Speech:  Responsibilities of the youth

- Context: Speech in reply to the address presented by the Students of Islamia College, Peshawar



Deeper reflections

The citizens of Pakistan are guided by these words to build their national character along the following ways:



  • The citizens of Pakistan are dedicated in the earnest and ceaseless effort of achieving rapid and unprecedented economic, political, social and educational uplift of the people of Pakistan.   


  • In our endeavours, we must maintain sobriety and cool-headedness and overcome the tendency of delving into an emotional frenzy by exercising iron self-discipline.



  • The evolution of our national character requires humility as it grants us the power to acquire awareness of our weaknesses as well as our strengths.  


  • By muting the sound of our ego while retaining undeniable faith in ourselves - we can see the world more clearly so that we can rightly act and improve our human condition.


  • Therefore, our national pride is in our humility. Our ability to acknowledge our successes and failures coupled with our drive to immerse ourselves in the continuous journey of self-improvement is core to our national character.  



  • The Pakistani youth must place their own advancement second and their nation’s welfare first.


  • We’ve experienced, firsthand, when citizens and political leaders prioritize their own advancement above nation’s interests -- the economic, social, educational and democratic progress of the nation greatly suffers.


  • Our history has gifted us with an exemplary selfless spirit of our founding father who sacrificed all and invested superhuman effort for the cause of Pakistan. Let’s continue and manifest this selfless spirit for Pakistan’s progress. In this lies our success.    


True Soldiers of the people:

  • The driving force powering the public work we do -- in the form of designing legislation, policy and projects etc -- must solely be intended for the welfare of the people.


  • Public welfare is our North-star metric against which we’ll prioritize and judge our efforts.


  • While this may seem as an obvious requirement -- too often we’ve seen healthcare or education or other public projects designed to exploit the population. For this reason - the youth of Pakistan will create a culture of honesty of purpose in selflessly serving the people of Pakistan.  



Absolute Loyalty to Pakistan:

  • Loyalty to Pakistan means to fulfill our duty of working towards the social, political and economic progress of Pakistan. This also means protecting the source of sustenance for the population from royalty, enclosures, predatory corporations and state authorities who corporate with them. Our land, water, trees and natural resources will be protected and made available to all Pakistanis for our own development and prosperity.


  • We must not think of our resources, circumstances, opportunities and conditions in order to begin this duty. We must overcome unfavorable odds by strengthening our resolve and being determined to achieve progress.


  • There will be those among us who may have selfish interests designed to disrupt national unity or those who may be aligned with the interests of our enemies. They will use all the trickery of argument and false-logic to maliciously steer national narrative against the interests of Pakistan. Be on guard and defeat these people by creating a transparent and fact-based culture.


  • Even in the most unfavorable circumstances, we will find strength to be loyal to Pakistan -- in our valiant history of an unparalleled and successful freedom struggle spearheaded by Mr. Jinnah. That will be enough to empower our voice with authority, to nerve our action by generous resolution, and to fill our counsels with weightiness and power.



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