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Daniyal Noorani

Creating books that are fun for children and parents.

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HalaGula is an early childhood education brand that focuses on creating content in Urdu. HalaGula is proud to create the first-ever Urdu activity board books in Pakistan. The books are designed to teach a variety of lessons, such as vocabulary, sensory, and motor skills. HalaGula's goal is to create books that are fun for children and parents


"Gaon ke Rang" is a book that will take children on a journey to a beautiful village in Pakistan, where there is so much to explore and learn. They can play and interact with the lush green fields, tractors, hand-pump, millstone, and so much more. "Mere Pehle 100 Alfaaz" is is an excellent way of teaching children the 100 words that describe the world around them and build their Urdu vocabulary. HalaGula produces world-class quality books in Urdu that capture local Pakistani tastes and sensibilities. Jinnah's Pakistan believes that national progress is correlated with the progression of its lingua franca, the Urdu language. 

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Instilling positive civic values from a fun animated series called "Quaid Seay Baatein" that follows the life and adventures of a young girl named Zainab, who is a proud Pakistani and is always thinking of ways to help those around her and make a better Pakistan. In her endeavors, she encounters numerous issues but with help of her friends Sara and Ali, and the guidance of Mr. Jinnah / Quaid-e-Azam's inspiring words, she is able to tackle any problem "Pehla Qadam Utha Kaye”.

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views of "Quaid Say Baatein" across the nation. The animated series is used in schools as a teaching tool. Daniyal Noorani specializes in behavior change communications that have a positive impact in Pakistan.  

The goal of communication is to increase critical thinking skills and create greater civic responsibility in Pakistan. Daniyal's work has been selected for film festivals such as London Independent Film Festival and Boston International Film Festival.


Jinnah’s Pakistan is proud to announce a partnership with Daniyal Noorani and work together to promote HalaGula and Quaid Say Baatein

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