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Hasan Raheem

Innovating the Pakistani sound.

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Hasan has a whole new sound that has started a visceral excitement and is defining and developing the millennial musical vibe in Pakistan. Hasan's viral song Joona is low-key, directed in a grocery store. Here is something new, a young artist hailing from the proud land of Gilgit, changing the music scene in South Asia.  

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Limited Edition Official Joona Hat 

6-Panel Cap In Plum Velvet.

“Joona” Oh Babzz! Pink Embroidery at front.

Exterior tapping velvet. Perforated insets.

Ft.Wa Monstah Label On The Back Panel.

Adjustable Strap With Velcro ®️ Brand Fastener At Back For A Snug, Custom Fit. Tonal Stitching.

Fabric :

Body/Bill/Panels: 100% Velvet.

Sweatband: 91% Polyester / 9% Spandex.

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"Manzil ye chalti sapney saarey ye hongay jo pooray

Wo Khuwaab daikhta na main jo reh jayen adhooray"

- Hasan Raheem

Hasan flaunts his lyrical flow in the quasi Hip hop song "Paisa". The song is grittier, more forceful, talks about financial freedom,  and projects self-efficacy, true to the tradition of braggadocio Hip hop. The video is directed near local railway tracks and shows regular Pakistani streets and experiences. The track is produced by Talal Quershi who has worked on prolific collaborations with Adil Omar, Mehdi Maloof, Naseebo Lal, Natasha Noorani and has performed alongside Major Lazer ft. Diplo. 

Hasan's viral song Aisay Kaisay sets a new tone of taking us back to the everyday streets of our cities with this mellow, low-key, and unique flow. Hasan keeps the Urdu language fresh on "Aisay Kaisay" and is re-branding street-style in Pakistan. 

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Designed and Made In Karachi, Pakistan.


This Limited Edition Long Sleeve Hoodie “Aisay Kaisay” has digital embroidery in baby pink on right and left sleeve cuffs on a plum base.


Kangaroo Pocket At Front.

Tonal Stitching.

Fabric: 80% Cotton & 20% Polyester.

Made To Last.


Comes In Two Sizes Baggy/X Baggy.


Size Guide

Baggy Sleeve:

68.58 (Cms)/27 (Inches)

Length: 64.77 (Cms)/25.5 (Inches)

Chest: 46.99 (Cms)/ 18.5 (Inches)


X Baggy Sleeve:

73.66 (Cms)/29 (Inches)

Length: 67.31 (Cms)/26.5 (Inches)

Chest: 52.07 (Cms)/ 20.5 (Inches)

Sun Le Na ft Abdullah Kasumbi

Coke Studio | Season 14 | Peechay Hutt | Justin Bibis x Talal Qureshi x Hasan Raheem

Hasan Raheem - Sar Phira ft Abdullah Kasumbi | Arham Ikram

Hasan is innovating the Pakistani sound and Jinnah’s Pakistan is proud to announce a partnership* with Hasan Raheem and work together to promote his music across Pakistan. 

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