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Creating original music that Pakistani youth can relate to.


"Khwaab" is Pakistan's defining song of the decade. Every verse contains meaning and every word breaks the imagined barrier between rap and poetry. Maanu's flow is effortless and projects an underlying self-assurance, recognizes the difficulties one may experience in life and dares his listeners to step into their dreams. Purely on its creative merits, "Khwaab" is going to define the rap genre in South Asia. Khwaab stays with you, lingering after it’s over like a memory you want to experience again. Except unlike real dreams, you can put this one on repeat and enjoy all day.

Screen Shot 2021-06-06 at 8.36.36 PM.png

It's 5 in the morning,

a fire be burning in the heart of Lahore

Screen Shot 2021-06-06 at 9.48.20 PM.png

'Cause I always had the freedom

I'm speaking through my privilege

Balti - Talal Qureshi x Maanu x JJ
Maanu - Melancholic
Maanu X Arhum - Risky
Maanu - Outro
Maanu X Taha G  Dou Pal Official

Maanu is creating original music that Pakistani youth can relate to and Jinnah’s Pakistan is proud to announce a partnership with Maanu and work together to broadcast his music to the masses in Pakistan.

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