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Pioneering indie music in Pakistan 

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Shorbanoor is relaxingly authentic on "Prelude to Murder" and is perhaps one of the few artists who has embraced and owned the english reality of Pakistan. There's a wide user-base in Pakistan that understands, thinks, reads and speaks in English, which connects us with a global audience and culture. This is Shorbanoor's first proper video and music production post "Poor Rich Boy" and it seems he's setting the stage for something bigger. The song has a distinct, clean, indie-rock sound with Shobarnoor's awesome vocals perfectly backed by Ali Sohail's funky guitar riffs. 

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Baby I want to tell you, you've been on my mind

Levi's Pakistan launched "Levi's Live" aiming to revive live music in Pakistan.


Shorbanoor blew the roof off the place with a heartfelt Rock and Roll performance that had everyone singing along to each word.

Each year, the U.S. Department of State connects foreign musicians with American communities through the Center Stage exchange program, which sends bands on a month-long tour to the United States. Few summers back, U.S. Embassy Islamabad sent Shorbanoor along with the Poor Rich Boy on tour with Center Stage. Check out Shorbanoor performing live at the Kennedy Center.

Azaan - Shorbanoor
Big ol' Deities - Shorbanoor
Snails - Shorbanoor
The River - Shorbanoor
Poor Rich Boy - Pythagoras

Shorbanoor is pioneering Indie music in Pakistan and Jinnah’s Pakistan is proud to announce a partnership with Shorbanoor and work together to broadcast his music to the masses in Pakistan.

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