Economic Neglect

Jinnah's Ideals

“The relations of the old Government of India with Balochistan before the Partition are well known to you. It is not for me to remind you how that Government which was a subordinate branch of the foreign administration, had kept Balochistan divided in several parts, each with a different name and status, yet all bound together in shackles of backwardness.

- Mr. Jinnah / Quaid-e-Azam

- Speech:  New Era of Progress for Baluchistan

- Context: Speech at Sibi Durbar 


Deeper reflections

Balochistan’s economic neglect has its roots in the criminal colonization of India where the foreign administration divided up the province in several parts each with a different status bound up in shackles of backwardness.


Has the historic and unparalleled achievement of creating a new state of Pakistan ushered in an era of rapid progress for Balochistan?


If we search our hearts and souls - then we’ll know that the State of Pakistan has mistreated the people of Balochistan and has conducted governance with the narrow provincialist mindset.


The only way forward towards salvation is to fulfill Pakistan’s historic mission as defined by Mr. Jinnah to propel Balochistan out of backwardness into a modern, progressive and prosperous province of the State of Pakistan.


The time has now arrived to write the script of unprecedented economic growth, poverty alleviation and wealth generation. The citizens of Pakistan will manifest this into reality and are capable of enforcing their will in every way.

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Mr. Jinnah's promise to Balochistan for joining Pakistan was based on educational, social, economic and political uplift.

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