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Economic Neglect

Jinnah's Ideals

“The relations of the old Government of India with Balochistan before the Partition are well known to you. It is not for me to remind you how that Government which was a subordinate branch of the foreign administration, had kept Balochistan divided in several parts, each with a different name and status, yet all bound together in shackles of backwardness.”

- Mr. Jinnah / Quaid-e-Azam

- Speech:  New Era of Progress for Baluchistan

- Context: Speech at Sibi Durbar 


Deeper reflections

Balochistan’s economic neglect has its roots in criminal colonization, but Pakistan will rise above the narratives of colonialism and post-colonialism. 


Pakistan plans to deeply immerse national thought in science and technology. We will build a culture of scientific exploration and technological innovation to rethink our economic processes and ideate new solutions to enable our Baloch brethren to generate wealth. 


We aspire to learn from greatest minds in history. Pakistan plans to improve the lives of the common people and maximize their happiness. The citizens of Pakistan are resilient and possess the unwavering belief in inevitable final victory. The past +70 years of sluggish economic growth for Balochistan does not dampen our spirits, we realize that conditions we tend to want are seldom the best ones for us, the interaction with harsh reality tends to push us into significant discoveries which otherwise we would have never thought about. 

We will expand the minds of our people by investing in education and encourage greater intellectual expansion. We stand with our Baloch brethren and resolve to generate economic prosperity for Balochistan.  

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