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Baloch tribes

Relations with the Tribes

Jinnah's Ideals

“The departure of British authority had left several gaps in the juridical and administrative machinery of Balochistan. These were filled by making temporary legal and administrative arrangements. The relations of the Government of Pakistan with the tribes were reaffirmed on the basis of the referendum until they could be consulted again. All this was arranged under powers vested in me as Governor-General of Pakistan deriving authority from the unmistakable will of the people of Balochistan expressed through the Shahi Jirga.”

- Mr. Jinnah / Quaid-e-Azam

- Speech:  New Era of Progress for Baluchistan

- Context: Speech at Sibi Durbar 

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Deeper reflections

The creation of Pakistan was based on democratic foundations as provinces voted in favor of joining the Pakistan Constituent Assembly. While the foundations of the state are pure, there have been undesirable stream of events where the people of Balochistan were not treated fairly and their democratic rights were stampeded upon. However, there will always exist an impetus for the progressive advance of democratic ideals in Pakistan because these are embedded in our history, our freedom struggle was democratic. The Shahi Jirga in Balochistan represents the local tradition of deciding communal matters via democratic means. Democracy is in the lifeblood of the muslims, and these values and resolutions need to be further pronounced in the counsels of power in Pakistan.

The relationship between Pakistan and the tribes aims to first reverse the adversarial spirit and build a mutually beneficial partnership. It is prudent to provide tribes a mainstream pathway to integrate with broader urban centers of the country and nurture the region to ripen for economic activity and development of new markets and businesses. The relationship between the tribes and the state must anchor in building a win-win partnership to promote political, social and economic reforms. The citizens of Pakistan will unleash the potential of our people in Balochistan and usher in an era of remarkable progress. 

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Baloch tribes

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