The Promise

Jinnah's Ideals

“Balochistan can only exist in Pakistan politically, geographically and economically, it will be in the interest of the people of Balochistan to join the Pakistan Constituent Assembly for it is Pakistan alone that can help them in their educational, social, economic and political uplift. I can assure the people of Balochistan that in Pakistan all classes and interests will get even justice and fair play and I hope that they will not be misled by the propaganda of our enemies, putting class against class and one particular interest against another.”

- Mr. Jinnah / Quaid-e-Azam

- Speech:  Vote solidly for Pakistan Constituent Assembly


Deeper reflections

The national will of the citizens of Pakistan is to educationally, socially, economically and politically uplift the inhabitants of Balochistan.


All national institutions derive their legitimacy and strength from the will of the citizens of Pakistan. The national will seeks its guidance from the historical promises and duties defined by Mr. Jinnah.


While we have deviated from our historical promises -- the citizens of Pakistan are ready to sacrifice all and prepared to work relentlessly with energetic and untiring spirit for the cause of Balochistan’s development. No internal or external power can come in the way of manifesting Balochistan’s rightful place in our national destiny.

Towards achieving Balochistan’s rapid development -- the citizens of Pakistan will remove the poison of provincialism from the body politic. The basis of our national unity is our nationality as we are all equal and dignified Pakistanis regardless of any difference of form.


Baloch, Pashtuns, Brahuis, Hazaras, Sindhis and Punjabis and all other inhabitants of Balochistan are equal citizens of Pakistan. The task ahead is to translate this equality in the practical sense by:


  • Providing Justice and Fair play: The citizens of Pakistan demand transparency and compensation in the horrific ‘missing-persons’ case of Balochistan. A ‘citizen’ of our great country is entitled to human rights and is a dignified asset to our national mission of social and economic progress. Suspicion-based abduction without due judicial process of the law is immoral and cruel.  


  • Economic Development:

    • Developing Balochistan necessarily means that the lion's share of the wealth derived from its natural resources is invested back into Balochistan. However, economic development does not mean that the Baloch sardars financially prosper at the expense of the population of Balochistan.

    • Further, the lack of current development in Balochistan is an opportunity to architect smart cities in the province that focus on greater human connectivity and aim to maximize the creative and intellectual potential of the citizens of Pakistan.  


  • National Consolidation: Balochistan can only exist in Pakistan politically, geographically and economically. This historical truth - upon which Balochistan willingly joined Jinnah’s Pakistan - must again unify and consolidate Baloch nationalists by providing them meaningful inclusivity and real representation in our body-politic so that the need for separatism disappears. The current modus operandi of using naked power against nationalists must be stopped immediately as that only reinforces the necessity of their political demand. The resilience of Baloch nationalism results from the persistent economic and social inequalities among the provinces that have been exacerbated by military repression and massive violations of human rights. We must acknowledge the very real and legitimate grievances in Balochistan and work overtime for its progress --- provided that we all must operate with our patriotic loyalty to the state of Pakistan.


  • Defeating Malicious International Actors: Indian and other international forces involved in promoting a separatist movement in the region must be defeated by informing our citizens in the region of the real political game at hand and by mobilizing and organizing our citizens towards fulfilling our historical destiny of Balochistan's uplift. The citizens of Pakistan in Balochistan will realize that separatist elements are weak, disorganized and disunited to ever achieve anything except damage the progress of Balochistan. We must also realize that the international actors have no real interest in the people of Balochistan but are only aiming at weakening the state of Pakistan.    


Providence is with us in our national mission of achieving Balochistan’s destined progress. Let's go!


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