Adequate Say in the Administration

Jinnah's Ideals

"There are many of you who will recall the number of occasions when I took up the cause of the people of Balochistan both inside the Indian Legislature and outside; and, now that I have the honor to be the first Governor-General of our great country -- Pakistan, it is natural that the question of reforms and securing for the people of Balochistan an adequate say in administration and governance of their Province, should be constantly in my mind."

- Mr. Jinnah / Quaid-e-Azam

- Speech:  New Era of Progress for Baluchistan


Deeper reflections

The fact is that Mr. Jinnah took up the cause of the people of Balochistan in all forums of national significance and this inspires and motivates the citizens of Pakistan to continue to stand up for the economic, social, political and educational uplift of the people of Balochistan.


Our sense of history transforms this dedication towards Balochistan as a national duty and further, our sense of brotherhood, equality and human-dignity compels us to work for Balochistan’s progress.  


To do so, we must follow Mr. Jinnah’s principle of securing for the people of Balochistan an adequate say in the administration and governance of their Province. To defeat provincialism -- we must ensure uniform measure of autonomy for all provinces.  


To this end - we must recognize that the non-tribal and non-separatist middle class of Balochistan are its true guardians and protectors. We must strengthen their hands and grant them authorities to pave the way for unequalled provincial autonomy.


Through political reforms we will empower the people of Balochistan who should be the masters of their own destiny.


The purpose of political reforms is to address the socio-economic grievances and serve as a catalyst for rapid and accelerated economic and social growth. Everything can be achieved by force of character and sheer determination and with this undaunted spirit we shall build up Balochistan.

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Mr. Jinnah's promise to Balochistan for joining Pakistan was based on educational, social, economic and political uplift.

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