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Jinnah's Ideals

 “There is, I would believe, a good measure of fellow-feeling between Muslims and the British people. It comes, perhaps from a practical way of thinking and an aversion from mere theorizing and sentiment. There are, of course, rubs and difficulties and misunderstanding now and then; but these are not so important as the friendship. Certainly, we in Pakistan who know the British people will have nothing but good feelings in our hearts. In a somewhat electric atmosphere of the last decade, we have said bitter things of them about British domination and their system of rule. That is now past and forgotten in the achievement of our freedom and establishment of Pakistan and in the friendly handshake and association of equal peoples.

- Mr. Jinnah / Quaid-e-Azam

- Speech:  Broadcast to the people of Australia / 19th Feb, 1948


Deeper reflections

As per Chomsky, historic colonial wars had to do with imposition of the system of nation-states,  an unnatural social formation that typically was instituted by violence. That’s a primary reason why Europe had the most savage and brutal part of the world for many centuries, while conquering most of the world. European efforts to impose state systems in conquered territories are the source of most conflicts underway right now, after the collapse of the former colonial system. Europe’s own favorite sport of mutual slaughter had to be called off in 1945, when it was realized that the next time the game was played would be the last.


The freedom struggle of the Indian Muslims to create their own nation-state of Pakistan, presents itself as a unique example in human history where a Muslim territory and homeland was carved out from the might of the pen via constitutional struggle. After all, it is the Islamic maxim that has instructed the world that “The ink of the scholar is more precious than the blood of the martyr”. 


The liberation of the human soul and achievement of national independence equips the Citizens of Pakistan with the outstanding moral wisdom and global spirit of collaboration with all nations, including the United Kingdom. We have nothing but good feelings for the British people and with a friendly handshake we wish to build stronger cultural bonds and economic connectivity with a focus on importing technology, innovation and education. The Citizens of Pakistan aim to build greater connections with all the top universities in Britain and democratize knowledge from Oxford and Cambridge to the streets of Pakistan. 


The Citizens of Pakistan also extend this peace-building framework of “friendly handshake” with: 


  • USA: The War on Terror negatively affected the relationship with Pakistan. Pakistani citizens were abducted, not provided a trial and and sent to offshore prison camps under “terrorism” charges. Pakistanis fought the militants who conducted over 16,000 terrorist attacks against us. During this turmoil, the USA thought it was strategically prudent to leverage armed drone technology over Pakistan’s airspace. These drone strikes killed civilians, boosted more terrorist attacks and promoted an anti-American sentiment in the region, which was against American interest. There are greater dividends of a peaceful relationship between Pakistan and America for both countries. Pakistan appreciates United States excellence in various fields of thought and sciences and seeks to adopt these ways of thinking in its national life. With a friendly handshake, we will proceed forward with a positive relationship that’ll improve human lives, stimulate economic activity and generate wealth in both countries. US and PK have 70 years of partnership and a historical connection, which will only grow stronger with time. 

  • India: There’s an increased realization between the people of Pakistan and India that supposed conflicts of interest between the two states are mainly illusory. Even when there is a real conflict of interest, it must in time become obvious that neither of the states concerned would suffer as much by giving way as by fighting. The civilized people of Pakistan and India will choose bi-national cooperation and peace over mutual destruction. We shall achieve this by overcoming the existing irrational hatred, suspicion, and fear toward each other. With a friendly handshake, the older bitterness will evaporate into a friendly feeling of hospitality and economic connectivity. 


Pakistan enjoys a deep friendship with China, and as we strengthen relationships that may have been negatively affected in the past, it is strategically prudent to double-down on relationships that are already strong. Regional connectivity through modernized versions of the old silk roads via Chinese investment and expertise is accelerating progress. CPEC and the Chinese-developed port of Gwadar will improve the economic conditions in Balochistan and spur industrial development.

With a friendly handshake, we will continue to build stronger relationships with China and be a model to the world of balancing competing international interests and fostering global collaboration while maintaining our values of transparency, democracy, inclusive approach for all people, freedom of speech/belief, and other democratic ideals Pakistan aspires to espouse in it's culture and society. 


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