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International Diplomacy



Mr. Jinnah explains that we should not fail to bring the people of our two countries (AF/PK) closer towards each other and closer than they were before the birth of Pakistan.  

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Mr. Jinnah explains Pakistan's culture and values on creating a good government. Our values are based on Democracy, Justice & Equality, Human flourishing by constant improvement and Truth over expediency. 


Mr. Jinnah explains Pakistan's historical connection with the United States of America during the Second World War when our two-people stood shoulder to shoulder in defence of democracy.


Mr. Jinnah explains that Pakistan desires nothing so ardently as the goodwill of the world.


Mr. Jinnah explains Pakistan's policy on Kashmir that we are not going to coerce, intimidate or put any pressure on any region making its choice. But those regions that wish to join Pakistan will find us ready and willing to negotiate with them agreement for the mutual advantage of both.


Mr. Jinnah explains that Pakistan lacks technical knowledge and industrial development and as a result, is restless to overcome such deficiencies and ignite its economic engine.


Mr. Jinnah explains that citizens of Pakistan are confident that our traditions and our past will help us fulfil the hopes and ideals of our people.

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Mr. Jinnah explains that Pakistan carries with it the sympathies of the Muslim World and aims to usher in an era of Islamic renaissance.


Mr. Jinnah explains that Pakistan and France will unitedly play their part in re-establishing peace and prosperity in the present distracted world.

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Mr. Jinnah explains that the shared goal between Pakistan and Sri Lanka is to improve the lot of common man

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Mr. Jinnah explains that our trials & tribulations have only strengthened our resolve to succeed in our mission of Pakistan's progress.


Mr. Jinnah explains that agricultural production is the main economic engine for the present time and how we can leverage it to advance forward.

Mr. Jinnah explains Pakistan can never be a theocracy in a broadcast to the people of Australia. Pakistan aims to construct an inclusive, tolerant and progressive society.  

Mr. Jinnah explains that the United States initiated diplomatic relations with Pakistan from the very first day of its establishment. This is evidence of our historical friendship.


Pakistan finds inspiration in America's historic fight for self-government and its practice of democracy.


Pakistan admires the principles of democracy, liberty, equality and fraternity raised during the French revolution.


Mr. Jinnah sets an example by diffusing an electric political atmosphere with a friendly handshake. 

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Mr. Jinnah explains how real friendship is essential for both countries. Let's further the cause of international peace and security.

A deeper lens into the unique connection between Pakistan and Turkey.

Mr. Jinnah points out that the people of  France and Pakistan and not strangers to one another and hopes for greater intimate contact between our two peoples.

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