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Jinnah's Ideals

“As yet we have very few big industries. I believe that at least one of the distinguished sons of Australia -- I mean Mr. R. G. Casey -- could tell you that our country offers immense opportunities for development and enrichment. And that we ourselves, the people, are restless to take advantage of them. For the present, however, we are short of capital and technical knowledge; but given a little time, and here and there a friendly hand, these deficiencies should be made good. In this matter of industrialization and capital development, we have no prejudices or false pride. We know our present weaknesses in these directions and we should certainly welcome any investment which would be likely to strengthen our economy. I do not believe that anyone from abroad who gives a helping hand would have reason to regret it.”

- Mr. Jinnah / Quaid-e-Azam

- Speech:  Broadcast to the people of Australia / 19th Feb, 1948


Deeper reflections

Pakistan is aware of its lack of technical knowledge and industrial development and as a result, is restless to overcome such deficiencies, ignite its economic engine and radically transform its economy by granting it a tech bias.


The citizens of Pakistan aim to:

  • Create jobs for the mass population. Job-creation will empower us to lift ~200MM Pakistanis out of depressing economic conditions and enable them to march towards the possibility of a good, happy, healthy and positive life.   


  • Launch local startups with a focus on market-creating innovations. These startups are uniquely positioned to generate disproportionate profit because of their ‘first-to-scale’ advantage. The profit will then fund public services such as education, infrastructure, health-care and so on -- as a natural result of operating a growing business that pulls in necessary resources a society requires. ​

  • Transform the culture of our society towards creating businesses, building products, innovating traditional markets and hustling against all odds such that we can develop the mind’s eye to pierce through the horizons and see limitless possibilities for Pakistan’s economy.  

To this end -- Pakistan would appreciate a friendly hand from all other nations of the world.


We invite investors to imaginatively look beyond the apparent challenges that are unique to Pakistan -- and empirically observe the following:

  • Pakistan has a huge addressable market size comprising of both existing consumers AND non-consumers.


  • Success record of proven ROI such as Uber’s acquisition of Careem at $3.1 billion,  Alibaba's acquisition of Daraz at estimated $200MM and various others. The Pakistani tech ecosystem is robust and thriving with various players injecting resources, knowledge and skill such as National Incubation Centre and National Technology Fund.  

It is important to recognize that at a time in the past -- all developed nations experienced similar challenges as Pakistan is experiencing today.


For instance, imagine a country where the: 

  • Average life expectancy is just 45 years 

  • Infant mortality a staggering 200 deaths per 1000 births

  • Fewer than 5% of people have access to indoor plumbing.

In this country, the average person spends approximately 52% of their hard-earned income on food. There’s little help from the government, and corruption is rife at all levels -- from local to federal; cronyism, not merit, determines most civil service jobs (similar to PML-N and PPP’s governance).


What impoverished country would you guess this is?


It’s the United States of America, in the nineteenth century. Though we usually don’t think of it this way, America was once desperately poor -- poorer than some of today’s most underdeveloped economies. Considering where it once was, American’s transformation into an economic powerhouse is extraordinary. (source: the prosperity paradox by Clayton M. Christensen).   


Similarly, China’s non-prosperous past is fresh in the Chinese minds for only recently they conducted an unprecedented eradication of poverty and pioneered historic economic growth in an extremely short span of time. This incredible feat is worthy of praise and admiration because of its positive humanitarian impact. For these and among other reasons -- China has boldly invested ~$60+ Bn towards developing Pakistan’s infrastructure.

Thus, there’s an opportunity for all investors from any nation belonging to any continent, to compound their money by investing in the Pakistani market which is just taking off as expressed by Mr. Khan below:

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Pakistan admires the principles of democracy, liberty, equality and fraternity raised during the French revolution.

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