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Strengthened Our Resolve

Jinnah's Ideals

“Also, I would believe that I speak for every man of us in Pakistan when I say that our sufferings, terrible as they have been, have only strengthened us in our resolve to preserve our State and to count it as our greatest blessing. In my public speeches and in every sphere of the Government in which I have the influence I have emphasized and enjoined that Pakistan must not sit back and brood over its injuries. Our people must work - and work - to repair and enrich their country. We are determined to go ahead, and God willing, we shall succeed.

- Mr. Jinnah / Quaid-e-Azam

- Speech:  Pakistan and her people 

- Context: Broadcast to the people of Australia / 19th Feb, 1948

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Deeper reflections

There is no purpose in dwelling over losses and setbacks, our response to hard times is to constructively work and organize our people to act, experiment and solve the challenges we face. 


Our setbacks only strengthen our resolve to solve the looming problem of climate change. Pakistan is number 8th most affected country due to adverse impacts of climate change and we must plan, strategize and execute to solve such an enormous problem. 


Setbacks equip us with unique moral insight to transcend from our current condition and achieve our higher vision of a more just and equitable society. With hindsight, we can say Bangladesh is more prosperous than ever before and we welcome the liberation of a new country and people in 1971. While it was embarrassing and shameful that Osama Bin Laden was residing in Pakistan close to a military academy, we are also grateful that we rid the world of a terrorist responsible for causing immense violence and suffering to the Muslim and American people alike. While Pakistan and India have warred multiple times in a short post-colonial history, we’re confident that friendlier times will prevail and peace will be the end-outcome. 


The people of Pakistan have a firm conviction to politically, economically, socially and educationally build up our nation. All setbacks are temporary and by the means of a well-directed, strategically adaptive and sustained effort any nation can change its destiny and transform its society to a vibrant, free, conscientious force that promotes positive values and improves people's lives.


We respect our strength more than our weaknesses and we will work ceaselessly to repair, build and transform Pakistan. 

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