Defeat Provincialism

Jinnah's Ideals

 “I naturally welcome your statement that you do not believe in provincialism. You must learn to distinguish between your love for your Province and your love and duty to the state as a whole. Our duty to the State takes us a stage beyond provincialism. It demands a broader sense of vision and a greater sense of patriotism. Our duty to the State often demands that we must be ready to submerge our individual or provincial interests into the common cause for the common good. Our duty to the state comes first: our duty to our province, to our district, to our town and to our village and ourselves comes next.”

- Mr. Jinnah / Quaid-e-Azam

- Speech:  Responsibilities of the youth

- Context: Speech in reply to the address presented by the Students of Islamia College, Peshawar


Deeper reflections

The youth of Pakistan will organize, consolidate and unite the citizens of Pakistan to march forward towards our common goal of social and economic progress.


Pakistan will succeed by achieving complete solidarity and unity among its provinces to work together for collective prosperity.


We will not succeed if we solely devote our energies to one province. A provincial bias would result in a predatory competition where a powerful province may unfairly control resources and marginalize weaker less developed provinces. The end result of this trajectory would definitely breed resentment amongst provinces and as a consequence, weaken Pakistan.  


A broader sense of vision demands that we perceive each province to be a dignified ‘unit’ of the whole in which each plays its unique role.


Our service, devotion and duty is first to the whole (Pakistan), then to the unit (Province) and then to sub-units (districts, towns, villages and individuals).  


This broader sense of vision will not only enable us to submerge our individual or provincial interests for the common good but also promote goodwill, comradery and evoke a deep sense of belonging to the State of Pakistan among all provinces.



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