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Service Before Self

Jinnah's Ideals

 “We are living in a far from perfect world. Despite the progress of civilization, the law of the jungle, unfortunately, still prevails. Might is considered right and the strong do not refrain from exploiting the weak. Self-advancement, greed and lust of power sway the conduct of individuals as that of nations. If we are to build a safer, cleaner and happier world let us start with the individual -- catch him young and inculcate in him the scout's motto of service before self and purity of thought, word and deed.

- Mr. Jinnah / Quaid-e-Azam

- Speech: Service before Self

- Context: Message to Pakistan boy scouts


Deeper reflections

In the relation between states - the law of the jungle, unfortunately, still prevails. Might is considered right and the strong exploit the weak.  


When two nations or groups of nations are interested in a question, the decision depends largely on which of them is, or is believed to be, the stronger one.


This is nothing but primitive anarchy,’the war of all against all’ which Hobbes asserted to be the original state of mankind.  


It is true that self-advancement, greed and lust sway to conduct of individuals as that of nations.


For this reason, Pakistan in its ambition to contribute to a safer and happier world -- wants to start with the individual by instilling the following principles:


Service before Self:


  • The Pakistani youth must place their own advancement second and their nation’s welfare first.


  • We’ve experienced, firsthand, when citizens and political leaders prioritize their own advancement above nation’s interests -- the economic, social, educational and democratic progress of the nation greatly suffers.


  • Our history has gifted us with an exemplary selfless spirit of our founding father who sacrificed all and invested superhuman effort for the cause of Pakistan. Let’s continue and manifest this selfless spirit for Pakistan’s progress. In this lies our success.  



Purity of thought, word and deed:


  • The Pakistani youth upholds the lofty Muslim ideals of justice, equality and liberty. These ideals define the collective thought of the youth.


  • The youth must strive to achieve harmony between thought, word and action and always aspire to the fulfilment of these lofty ideals.


  • Further, we must remember that the gift of freedom, justice and equality are not received from a state or a leader but a possession to be won every day by the effort of each and union of all.    




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