Youth are the future. Mr. Jinnah explains how the youth must fully equip themselves with discipline, education and training.


Mr. Jinnah explains that we must have an outlook which transcends the boundaries of provinces, limited nationalism and racialism. We must develop a sense of patriotism which should galvanise and weld us all into one united and strong nation.


Mr. Jinnah explains that the most important task is to build up our new state into what we all wish it to be: namely one of the greatest states in the world


Mr. Jinnah explains that our young people must befriend all, help other people at all times, subordinate personal interest to the welfare of others, eschew violence of thought, word and action.


Mr. Jinnah explains that the youth need to think beyond Government level jobs and explore various other opportunities and fields available to the youth to generate economic development.  

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Mr. Jinnah explains that students played a significant role in Pakistan’s historic freedom struggle. Here's a blueprint of how student's can continue to play their role.

Mr. Jinnah explains how it's critical to invest in the physical, mental and spiritual development of our youth.


Mr. Jinnah explains to focus on investing in education and building universities from which the rays of knowledge and culture can spread throughout the Middle East and Central Asia.

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Mr. Jinnah explains the youth to not confine themselves to government jobs but instead to expand their focus to various new & fresh economic avenues.


Mr. Jinnah instructs the youth to distinguish between your love for your Province and your love and duty to the state as a whole. Our duty to the State takes us a stage beyond provincialism.


Mr. Jinnah explains that Pakistan's destined goal is to be among the most progressive and strongest nations of the world.

Mr. Jinnah advises the youth to think and act with sobriety and in all humility as selfless and true soldiers of the people, and with absolute loyalty to Pakistan.


Mr. Jinnah explains the youth to not be exploited by political parties but instead regulate our affairs as free citizens with complete unity and fairness to the State.

Mr. Jinnah explains that freedom does not mean license. It does not mean that you can now behave just as you please. We shall remain disciplined & united.


Mr. Jinnah advises the youth to go beyond seeking jobs for government service and instead become architects of the next big market. 


Mr. Jinnah guides the youth to think critically and not be guided by ill-digested information or slogans or catchwords. 

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The youth is advised to place the nation's welfare above personal interest and self-advancement. 

Mr. Jinnah points out that Pakistan's economic and social progress is entirely dependant on the constructive spirit of its citizens.