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Physical, mental and spiritual development

Jinnah's Ideals

“Scouting can play a very vital role in forming the character of our youth, promoting their physical, mental and spiritual development, and making them well-disciplined, useful and good citizens.”

- Mr. Jinnah / Quaid-e-Azam

- Speech:  Service before Self

- Context: Message to Pakistan boy scouts

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Deeper reflections

A nation’s destiny lies in the character of its youth.


Let us not forget that everything can be achieved by force of character.


For this reason - we need to define and form the character of our youth early on.


We will promote development along the following areas:

  • Physical: We will build an understanding of the fundamentals of good health that center around sufficient hydration, adequate sleep, appropriate diet (preferably plant-based), and awesome physical activity. Pakistani youth will be fighting fit aiming to be physically faster, stronger and better in every walk of life.

  • Mental: We will create a hopeful mindset with an undying faith that we can achieve our objectives in the face of odds and difficulties. This will result in mental toughness that will make our youth resilient without losing enthusiasm in our mission of social and economic progress. Further, we will establish a culture of intellectual reasoning in which young minds can independently dispel falsehoods and not be swayed by speculative theories that are lacking in real evidence.  

  • Spiritual: We will develop moral conscience, understand our inner-selves, seek guidance from providence and expand our service from the self to the family to the local community to the country and finally to humanity at large.

Further, the youth will be well-disciplined and govern its raw passions by restraint, willpower, and reason. Let us remember that what we do upon some great occasion will probably depend on what we already are: and what we are will be the result of previous years of self-discipline.


Lastly, we must educate ourselves so that we can be useful and good citizens of Pakistan to be able to build it up politically, educationally, economically and socially.

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