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One Essential Condition 

Jinnah's Ideals

“Are you now, after having achieved Pakistan, going to destroy it by our own folly? Do you want to build it up? Well then for that purpose there is one essential condition, and it is this, complete unity and solidarity amongst ourselves.” 

- Mr. Jinnah / Quaid-e-Azam

Speech: National Consolidation

- Context: Speech to over three lakhs of people at Dhaka on March 21, 1948.


Deeper reflections

Pakistanis will achieve peace in the region through the strength that comes from the unity of its people. The future historian, while chronicling the cataclysms and convulsions of these times, will not fail to note the conjunction of events of boundless influence and scope that have made the fortunes of Pakistan so largely dependent on the united will and effort of this generation.

Unity of thought, purpose, and outlook are stirred with new energy and enthusiasm from a real belief in shared progress for all people. We recognize that the rapid development of under-represented people is an accelerant for national cohesion. People of Pakistan who are most likely to suffer from injustice must be enabled by increasing their participation in their own government, economy, and army.

Outside of its legitimate functions, the government and the army do nothing as well economically as the private sector. Economic progress driven by the private sector is an enduring way to solve large-scale problems, ignite our economic engine, create jobs, pull in infrastructure and institutions, and serve as a strong foundation and catalyst for future growth. The private sector is the domain of the people, the people of Pakistan are the real drivers of progress.

Our national unity for economic progress has the potential to shift the dynamics of Pakistan. We will work together as Pakistanis to build businesses focused on innovation and create new markets. The people of Pakistan are ready to apply the spirit of our historic freedom struggle to the tasks of peace and prosperity. In this willing service of the people of Pakistan, to achieve complete organization of the national will and intelligence, there will be no distinction of class or creed. It will come from every part of the land and from every community with equal readiness and devotion. In this service, there will be no cold, calculating instinct at work. It will spring from a clear, compelling sense of duty and moral sympathy. Pakistan’s loyalty to peace and progress has set no price on itself.

The vigorous patriotism and national self-consciousness are seeking wider and legitimate outlets for service and self-expression. The strength and volume of this spirit, this bold unyielding feeling, and the energy of youth are rapidly galvanizing all our people in the direction of national unity for the common cause of economic and social progress.

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