Subordinate Personal Interest

Jinnah's Ideals

“If our young people learn to befriend all, to help other people at all times, subordinate personal interest to the welfare of others, eschew violence of thought, word and action. I am sanguine that the attainment of universal brotherhood is possible and within our reach. So I wish you Godspeed.”

- Mr. Jinnah / Quaid-e-Azam

 - Speech: Service before Self

- Context: Message to Pakistan boy scouts

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Deeper reflections

Befriend all: Pakistan’s goodwill and friendship extend to all which includes every creed, religion, ethnicity, race, gender, nationality and sexual orientation. This includes everyone whom we’ve been conventionally taught to be suspicious of. Let’s always remember that love is more powerful than hate.   


Help Other People: Our youth will relentlessly work towards the economic, educational, social and political uplift of the people of Pakistan.  


Subordinate personal interest: The welfare of our community supersedes personal interest. Let’s be determined to build a strong and prosperous Pakistan that is able to provide for and enable poor and marginalized segments of society to change their destiny. Further, we need to focus on: radically improving our education,  ensuring that the poor, as well as the rich, are 'able' to run for election and that healthcare is made attractive at all levels.  


Eschew Violence: A Muslim - by definition - commits to living in peace. Everything can be achieved by mobilizing and organizing our community peacefully towards our cause. For this reason - there is no real rationale for violence. Those who try to motivate and enrage an impassioned youth towards violence are in fact damaging the prestige of Pakistan. This is because we must remember that Jinnah achieved Pakistan by the might of the pen and not by the sword.

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