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Market-Creating Innovation

Jinnah's Ideals

“My young friends, hitherto, you have been following the rut. You get your degrees and when you are thrown out of this University in thousands, all that you think and hanker for is Government service. As your Vice-Chancellor has rightly stated the main object of the old system of education and the system of Government existing, hitherto, was really to have well-equipped clerks. Of course, some of them went higher and found their level, but the whole idea was to get well-qualified clerks. Civil Service was mainly staffed by the Britons and the Indian element was introduced later on and it went up progressively. Well, the whole principle was to create a mentality, a psychology, a state of mind, that an average man, when he passed his BA or MA was to look for some job in Government. If he had it he thought he had reached his height. I know and you all know what has been really the result of this. Our experience has shown that an MA earns less than a taxi driver and most of the so-called Government servants are living in a more miserable manner than many menial servants who are employed by well-to-do people. Now I want you to get out of that rut and that mentality and especially now that we are in free Pakistan. The government can not absorb thousands. Impossible. But in the competition to get Government service most of you get demoralized. Government can take only a certain number and the rest cannot settle down to anything else and being disgruntled are always ready to be exploited by persons who have their own axes to grind. Now I want that you must divert your mind, your attention, your aims and ambition to other channels and other avenues and fields that are open to you and will increasingly become so. There is no shame in doing manual work and labor.”

- Mr. Jinnah / Quaid-e-Azam

 - Speech: Service before Self

- Speech:  The Role of Students in Nation Building - Speech at the Dacca University Convocation

Deeper reflections

The Pakistani spirit enjoys an enterprising outlook with an incredible sense of hustle and a belief in the truth that citizens of Pakistan have the ability to transcend themselves, their circumstances, their environment and to create a society they dream of living in.  


Having said that -- it’s important to be cognizant of the trap Mr. Jinnah has rightly pointed out that there’s a tendency for the youth to focus on government-level jobs. This trap still exists today as many students apply for CSS exams hoping to ‘make’ it.


However, this trap will be put to rest as the youth will expand their imagination, explore the various fields open to them from the global economy, immerse themselves in relentless work and creative labor to generate wealth at an accelerated pace than possible from a government job.


Towards this end - the youth must work towards creating new markets via business innovation. But not just any new markets, new markets that serve people for whom either no products existed or existing products were neither affordable nor accessible for a variety of reasons. These innovations transform complicated and expensive products into ones that are so much more affordable and accessible that many more people are able to buy and use them. In a sense, market-creating innovations democratize previously exclusive products and services. This type of innovation not only creates markets, but jobs, too. This is because as new markets with new consumers are born, companies must hire more people to make, market, distribute, sell, and service the product. Market-creating innovations create local jobs, decrease unemployment, reduce crime, contribute to income tax and consumer spending*.

(* Source: The Prosperity Paradox  by Clayton M. Christensen) 

Thus, markets have the ability to pull into societies many of the components that make societies safer, more secure, and more prosperous. Once these new markets are created, the economy becomes more resilient as it generates more income to fund schools, roads, hospitals and even better governance. 

Let's remember that even small innovations can begin to transform countries economically and culturally. Towards this end the youth of Pakistan has been busy with creating innovative business such as Patari, Airlift, Eat Mubarak, and various others.   


With an undaunted spirit, renewed sense of hope and purpose -- the Citizens of Pakistan will work towards building market-creating innovations and we shall succeed notwithstanding a challenging business and legal environment.  

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