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“Now that we have achieved our national goal, you will expect me to give you a bit of advice regarding the manner in which we can put our shoulders behind the most difficult and important task of building up our new state into what we all wish it to be: namely one of the greatest states in the world. The first thing you should do is to learn to appreciate the difference in the approach to the problems with which we are faced now, in contrast with those which were facing us when we were struggling for our independence. During our struggle for the achievement of Pakistan, we were critical of the Government which was a foreign Government and which we wanted to replace by a Government of our own. In doing so we had to sacrifice many things including the academic careers of our younger generation. May I say that you played your part magnificently. Now that you have achieved your goal that is, a Government of your own, and a country which belongs to you and in which you can live as free men, your responsibilities and your approach to the political, social and economic problems must also change.”

- Mr. Jinnah / Quaid-e-Azam

 - Speech: Responsibilities of the youth

- Speech: Reply to the address presented by the Students of Islamia College, Peshawar


Deeper reflections

History has gifted us with the achievement of our own nation-state in which we live as free individuals. 


Our ancestors took on the valiant struggle of creating a new nation and carving out a territory by the might of the pen. 


Now that we have achieved our own State where we have our own government - the most important task that we must undertake is to politically, economically, socially and educationally build up Pakistan. 


Let’s not for a moment imagine that it cannot be done. The Pakistani youth is bold, hopeful and determined to build up their nation and is extremely talented to ideate creative and innovative pathways forward.

In today’s Pakistan - the youth of the country does not need to sacrifice their academic careers as they did in the period of the freedom struggle. 


Instead, the call of duty is to prioritize and devote yourself to education. This is mission-critical because Pakistan’s economic and social progress lies in the education of its youth. To combat climate change, propel national economy in the information age, boost employment and create a fact-based culture based on critical thinking -- we cannot discount the incredible importance and weight of having an extremely educated youth. 


Further, now that we have our own government - we must adopt a constructive spirit by replacing fault-finding attitude with a solution-based mindset and firmness of purpose that inspires us with the loftiest consciousness of national life. 


We’ll adopt a continuous iterative process in which we’ll ideate hypotheses aiming to solve the problems that confront Pakistan, rapidly experiment minimum viable solutions, double-down on successes, extract learnings from failures and march forward with grit and resilience. 


Throughout this iterative process -- we can never place social and practical convenience above respect for truth because we will always uphold our mental habits of intellectual conclusiveness, a capacity for clear-shining moral illumination and a certain stoutness of self-respect for which Pakistan is especially famous.

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