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Set an Example of What Youth Can Do - Part 1

Overview: This article covers the recent political instability in Pakistan, since April'22. The intended audience for this article are Pakistani-Americans and the general American population. Our format starts off with a historic quote from Mr. Jinnah, the Founder of Pakistan and then, dives into the current issues facing Pakistanis and Americans alike. 

Jinnah's Ideals

 “My young friends, students who are present here, let me tell you as one who has always had love and affection for you, who has served you for ten years faithfully and loyally, let me give you this word of warning: you will be making the greatest mistake if you allow yourself to be exploited by one political party or other. Remember, there has been a revolutionary change. It is our own Government. We are a free, independent and sovereign state. Let us behave and regulate our affairs as free men; we are not suppressed and oppressed under the regime of foreign domination; we have broken these chains, we have thrown off these shackles. My young friends, I look forward to you as the real makers of Pakistan, do not be exploited and do not be misled. Create amongst yourselves complete unity and solidarity. Set an example of what youth can do. Your main occupation should be, in fairness to yourself, in fairness to your parents, in fairness to the state, to devote your attention to your studies. If you fritter away your energies now, you will always regret. After you leave the portals of your universities and colleges then you can play your part freely and help yourself and the state.”

- Mr. Jinnah / Quaid-e-Azam

- Speech:  National Consolidation, speech at a public meeting in Dacca


Deeper reflections

Freedom struggle and independence 

In 1947, Mr. Jinnah and the nation achieved freedom from foreign domination and, as liberated individuals we are empowered with the vital force of defining and building Pakistan out of our own concept. 


While Pakistan has carved out its own territory, liberty is to be secured daily by active civic engagement from every citizen. The attainment of freedom is a continuous struggle and it is important to not be exploited by any political party or any institution, especially those parties who are nepotistic in nature with decades of corruption under their belt nor certain forces that have fostered military dictatorship and retarded Pakistan’s democratic progress.  


Political instability in 2022

In 2022, Pakistan's freedom and national independence are under grave threat by PDM — a coalition of crooks and criminals calling itself a “democratic movement” but this is simply empty branding. PDM’s real objective is to clear past corruption cases to avoid any future investigation and accountability. This is a fatally dangerous precedent, to judicially annul every major crime that has hurt national progress means the moral death of a nation. 


The national sentiment is that Mr. Imran Khan’s democratic government was ousted in April’22 and PDM’s interim government was installed because of constraints in defining an independent foreign policy, because the powerful nations of the world exert pressures on smaller countries like Pakistan. It is clear that Pakistan’s troubles were rooted in

a.) disallowing American military bases to operate from Pakistan after withdrawal of forces from Afghanistan 

b.) negotiating a gas deal with Russia for energy and economic security during a global inflation, national energy crisis and Ukraine war.


American Military Bases 

Pakistan and America have been and are allies for the past +70 years. Pakistan has aided America in every major war and has shed blood for America’s causes, these are the truths and facts that a regular American may not relate to. 


New York city is a global microcosm that provides home to a vast and diverse range of nationalities of the world. The tragedy and grief of 9/11 were felt throughout the world, including Pakistan. The world stood still that day. Pakistan is a Muslim nation which is home for many minorities, and we find it necessary to state that no Pakistani was involved in 9/11. 


Pakistan partnered, allied and aided America in the War-on-Terror and lost +80,000 lives, suffered +$150Bn economic loss and internally displaced +1.3M citizens.

IDPs Pakistan

UNHCR News Story: Flood of displaced civilians in Pakistan surpasses 1.45 millions. IDPs in the camps are Pashtuns and have fled their villages in the Swat Valley, Lower Dir and Buner districts. As of May 19, 2009, 1.4 million people have been displaced from those areas following fighting between Pakistan Army and Talibans. UNHCR / H. Caux / Mardan district, May 17, 2009

Drone Attacks

Giant portrait puts a face on drone strikes. In military slang, drone operators call their targets bug splats. This portrait trended with hashtag #NotABugSplat. 

Despite these immense losses, Pakistan's military victories and achievements in the War on Terror are too well-known for us to recount. Operation Zarb-e-Azab demonstrated Pakistan’s capability of wiping out all foreign and local militants in North Waziristan.

Operation Zarb-e-Azab

~2,800 militants terminated, including 218 terrorist commanders in 9,000 intelligence based operations (IBOs). ~837 hideouts of terrorists destroyed, 253 tonnes of explosives and 18,087 weapons recovered including heavy machine guns, light machine guns, sniper rifles, rocket launchers and AK-47s. Significant number of terrorist strongholds cleared and their communication infrastructure destroyed.

Imran Khran protesting against drone strikes

Imran Khan mobilized the people to rally against the drone strikes, August 2012. A group of 35 American anti-war activists joined this protest. The Taliban released a statement calling Khan a "slave of the West", while Western journalists labeled him “Taliban Khan”. 

Throughout this war, Pakistan also served the international community by hosting ~3MM Afghan refugees, despite limited resources.

Afghan refugees

Pakistan not seen as an ally

However, after rendering such tremendous sacrifices and losses, Pakistan was not a recipient of simple symbolic gestures of gratitude or goodwill at the global stage. The sentiment within Pakistan was that the relationship dynamic was conceived by Washington of Pakistan as a gun-for-hire. America conducted drone attacks on Pakistan’s soil with the consent of Pakistani leadership, Nawaz Sharif and Zardari who later joined forces to form the current PDM. These drone attacks resulted in significant loss of civilian life, reports suggest only 12% of people killed in drone attacks were militants, while the rest were ordinary citizens of Pakistan living their regular life, some were attacked during Eid, Ramadan, weddings or even funerals. 


Pakistanis imprisoned without trial

Moreover, honorable Pakistani citizens were abducted without trial and shipped to off-shore prison camps under suspicion of terrorism, without a fair trial. The civilizing abilities of our nation to regard human life with dignity was damaged during this war. Corrosion of morals and uprightness to stand for justice and impartiality were hampered. All of these actions were carried out with the consent of Pakistani leadership. Unlike America, who take care of their own, corrupt Pakistani leadership sold out their own people and compromised national liberty. 


Bombing Pakistan to stone-age

Pressures were applied, outright threats to “bomb Pakistan to stone-age” were made and the military leadership folded its cards and decided to acquiesce to every demand, even those that disregarded human rights and considered “dirty work”, all this in an exchange of dollars where the cost of the war was greater than the monetary reward received. One wonders if Pakistan had available any technical expertise from an economist, when negotiating the terms of this war, or were these decisions of a military dictator seeking legitimacy from an American endorsement. For context, at that time Mr. Pervez Musharraf had launched a military coup in Pakistan and the parliamentary assemblies were dissolved. 


Dignity of human life compromised 

It was a raw deal but some top brass leadership couldn’t see beyond the parameters of personal wealth. The capital injection from America did not result in any material progress for the people of Pakistan, standard of living and economic growth declined during the war. The relationship between noble people, Americans and Pakistanis, a relationship based on shared values, unfortunately mutated into uncivil treatment of fellow humans and disregard for human life during the height of this war. 


America's competitive strength 

Poor men, earning a living through heavy manual labor and daily drudgery, supporting their families in the tribal areas of Pakistan, unaware and disconnected from the global happenings of the world, were suspected of terrorism, imprisoned, tortured, human soul mutilated and years later released once no connections to terror organizations were found. Many of these suspects were innocent, there was a better way than this. America's leadership stems not only through its economic and military strength but, also, through its moral strength, its clear-shining moral illumination across the globe and promotion of democratic values based on freedom and justice. 


Absolutely Not 

Military bases provided by Pakistan were used to launch operations and attacks in Afghanistan and as a result, the terrorists launched counter attacks against Pakistan and, Pakistani lives were lost to a foreign war. Pakistan went through hell, faced existential crises and found itself internationally scoffed and when the question arose if Pakistan would allow US bases after America withdrew its forces from Afghanistan, Prime Minister Imran Khan decisively responded “Absolutely Not”. 

Screen Shot 2022-08-13 at 11.23.23 PM.png

During the withdrawal of American forces from Afghanistan, the Biden administration did not engage Pakistani leadership, and the 20 year war culminated in a tragic exit with a handful of ragged Taliban forces taking over.

Crowded refugee plane Afghanistan
Afghanistan withdrawal

A striking photo shows a massive US military cargo plane carrying about 640 people from Kabul to Qatar. The world was stunned by the chaotic Afghanistan withdrawal.

Afghans run alongside and cling to a C-17 Globe-master III transport aircraft at Hamid Karzai International Airport, Kabul on August 16, 2021 in hope of escaping living under Taliban rule. 

Afghanistan withdrawal

Afghans who clinged onto the plane fell to death including young footballer Zaki Anwari.  

Afghanistan withdrawal

A baby, now identified as Sohail Ahmadi, is handed in desperation over to the American army over the perimeter wall of the airport for it to be evacuated, in Kabul, Afghanistan, Aug. 19, 2021.

Afghanistan withdrawal

The baby was fortunately reunited with his family due to efforts by American and local forces.

America's historic achievements in nation-building

In an alternate reality, had America achieved its objectives of nation-building, protecting women’s rights and promoting democracy, it would have been a remarkable achievement. America has previously achieved such results in Japan, as one historian put it, America set about doing what no other Occupation force had done before: remaking the political, social, cultural and economic fabric of a defeated nation and in the process changing the very way of thinking of its people. On the whole Japanese would accept the Occupation, and willingly import the ideals of democracy and the free market. But of course, there was plenty of resentment at their liberator’s arrogance and institutionalized racism*. 

*source: 1946 - The Making of the Modern World, Victor Sebestyen 

General Douglas MacArthur

General Douglas MacArthur personally landed with a small entourage of unarmed officers, escorted by a tiny force, surrounded by 300,000 Japanese troops still armed to the teeth. An exhibition of cool personal courage, and a gesture of trust in the good faith of Japanese to accept surrender in August 1945.


Relationship with Pakistan during President Trump's leadership

Under the Trump administration, America and Pakistan were closely collaborating. While our platform is not pro-Trump and participated in campaigning for President Joe Biden, it ought to be noted that disengaging with Pakistan, a serious stakeholder in Afghanistan, was a leadership failure on part of the Biden administration.

Donald Trump and Imran Khan

During the Trump administration, America and Pakistan were closely in sync and partnered on key objectives and shared strategic initiatives. There were clear lines of communication and a reset on relationships based on mutual understanding and trust. Trump played a masterpiece of psychology by disarming Pakistan by providing a warm welcome to, then, Prime Minister Imran Khan at the White House.

Imran Khan in America

President Trumps welcome, reception and engagement energized the Pakistani-American diaspora and a major stadium-packed event was held at Capital One Arena, Washington DC in 2019. 

Jinnah's Pakistan's perspective on US military bases

Our platform has a more nuanced view on the military bases versus an outright or absolute rejection, and poses the following questions for Pakistanis and Americans alike. 

This video from AJ+ and the message below was actively distributed in Pakistan. Jinnah's Pakistan Impact Report: Users Reached: 200K | Views: 160K

The above video explains the context and purpose of U.S. military bases across the globe. It requires bold imagination to decide the fate of US military bases in Pakistan, to launch remote military operations in Afghanistan.

  1. How will these bases help when on-ground presence in Afghanistan has been unable to solve the problem for the past 20 years?

  2. Is Pakistan comfortable in risking counter-attacks on its soil from insurgents in Afghanistan in response to American operations? Will this mean that tribal areas of Pakistan will remain in a state of war? Pakistani blood is invaluable, would America invest in building a defense system akin to the Iron Dome to minimize the risk of civilian deaths and create a win-win partnership? Or will a pliable imported government play the role of a client state?

  3. How would American presence help Pakistan leapfrog and advance in education, healthcare and spur economic growth driven by innovation?

  4. Can America be morally obliged to help Pakistan spread a pro-American sentiment in the region by showing visible American investment meant for the prosperity of the people of Pakistan beyond a military partnership?

  5. If military bases are of exceedingly high strategic importance to America, will Pakistan's agreement enable American investors to help industrialize Pakistan in less than a decade? 

Military partnership needs to translate to economic progress for a broad mass of population for a real pro-American sentiment to take root in Pakistani consciousness. Pakistan will benefit from a deeper and stronger friendship with America, but one based on mutual dignity and interest. While America’s scale and scope is vast, Pakistan can play its role in contributing to solving the supply chain problems and generate positive economic impact via trade as a win-win partnership. 

Prime Minister Imran Khan has categorically stated in all of his speeches that despite recent events, he is certainly not anti-American* and that he aims to build deeper connections with the American people, Pakistan’s largest export market is America. 

* this needs to be stated truthfully, as reporting on New York Times, will have the American people think and believe that Mr. Imran Khan is anti-American. 

Mr. Imran Khan explicitly stating that he is not anti-American. "I'm not anti-American, want mutual relationship with US and PK" at Independence Diamond Jubilee Special Jalsa in Lahore (13 August, 2022).  He has passionately communicated this message numerous times in many speeches. 

Nancy Pelosi and Imran Khan

Speaker Nancy Pelosi with Prime Minister Imran Khan in 2019

Gas price reduction through Russian deal

Imran Khan and Putin

Pakistan’s controversial diplomatic visit on the eve of Ukraine invasion, gave a wrong message to the world. Prime Minister Imran Khan later explained that this trip was planned months ago as most diplomatic visits are, and that Pakistan was unaware that this invasion would take place on the day of his diplomatic visit. After being ousted, every international journalist questioned Mr. Imran Khan on this matter and the broader implications of it being seen as Pakistan endorsing the Ukraine invasion. 


Mr. Imran Khan did clarify during his visit to Moscow, he denounced military operations and territorial adventures and, also, recounted his anti-war stance through the past decades. Pakistanis are aware that Mr. Imran Khan does not believe in military solutions as they have unintended consequences and multiplication of problems across all areas of life. 


This trip and the optics of the gas deal were a mistake, contributed to ousting Mr. Imran Khan's government and we suspect that Mr. Putin, probably, was more aware of the consequences here than Mr. Imran Khan.

Learnings for the future

There are two important lessons that Pakistan can institute for the future: 

  • Proactive International communication: Building an active state-level PR & comms machine composed of experts and advisors, preferably overseas Pakistanis, especially from the Pakistani-American diaspora, who understand the global dynamics, verbiage, trends and psyche of nations of the world. Post-Moscow visit should have been followed with a proactive campaign to outline Pakistan’s foreign policy to American, European, Russian and Chinese people to avoid any misunderstandings, eventual schemes and machinations.

    • A policy based on protecting the borders and sovereignty of a relatively weaker and smaller country of Ukraine from Russian aggression, promoting greater understanding between European and Russian objectives and spheres of influence and minimizing threat of war, safeguarding Pakistani consumer from global inflation and securing a discounted gas deal from Russia for Pakistan’s economic and energy security and also, seeking alternative energy deals from America with contingency of substituting Russian deal if US proposes a deal that is economically more sound than the Russian one, business deals are based on mutual interests instead of fixed positions on siding with one country or another. No rival bigger power ought to feel that Pakistan is gravitating towards one or the other but all powers ought to be negotiated with to secure the best deal that optimizes for Pakistan’s progress and secures Pakistan’s prestige as a democratic and progressive nation. 

  • Strong internal organizationSteering an independent path for Pakistan between rival bigger powers is no easy task. Foreign policy stems from strong internal organization. The stronger the internal organization, the more equipped a nation is to implement its independent path and vision for the future. This means it is very important to have the support of the army to Pakistan's national struggle and make the military and national ideals correspond with each other. However, a nation cannot have two heads of state i.e. the army general and the head of government. Executive authority flows from the head of the civilian government, it remains to be seen if Pakistan iterates its government structure to Presidential format of the American style or retains the British parliamentary system, in either case, any command or order cannot come without the sanction of the Executive head, this is the legal position. From the current political spectrum, it is in Pakistan’s best interest to have Mr. Imran Khan as the Executive head and the army general closely following the lead of the Executive head. There are certainly areas where Mr. Imran Khan’s communication and understanding on certain subjects can be enhanced by having a team of professionals that prepare him for all scenarios with a holistic understanding of global problems, running a government is a team sport. 


Pakistan successfully emerging from many crises 

Vulnerable economies took a hit during the pandemic, tangled supply chain and rising inflation required governments to drive down gas prices as they were facing low approval ratings from the public, families were suffering and had to tighten their belts. 


Pakistan was fortunate to have Mr. Imran Khan at the helm who successfully navigated the nation from: 

  • A severe balance of payment crisis (+480% increase in current account deficit from PML-N). It is to be noted that many public intellectuals have not held the Sharifs accountable for causing such a massive economic crisis. Mr. Imran Khan guided the nation to a sustainable 6% GDP growth rate, highest in the past decade.  

  • Once-in-a-century global pandemic ravaged nations, caused millions of deaths, significantly constrained public health systems, halted international travel, clogged supply-chain networks, impeded business activity and economic growth. Mr. Imran Khan implemented a smart-lockdown tailored to local conditions, these measures were a coordinated state effort which avoided copy-pasting solutions from developed countries, ensured economic progress while mitigating health risk –  this turned out to be a remarkable achievement. Pakistan scored top 3rd spot in the Economists normalcy index list that ranks countries that have implemented effective measures against the coronavirus and suffered relatively few deaths.

We’d be remiss to not mention China’s help to get Pakistan vaccinated at a rapid pace, and also, America that has donated 61.5M doses of COVID-19 vaccines to Pakistan.  

China covid vaccines to Pakistan

President Biden's plan for fighting inflation 

In such unprecedented times, receiving discounted gas from Russia was a smart move to ease the inflationary pressures for the regular people of Pakistan. President Biden’s plan to fight inflation aims to reduce gas prices for families, which will keep consumer spending strong. Consumer spending accounts for two-thirds of the US economy. If consumer spending stays strong, it will prevent overall growth from slowing and the economy from slipping into recession. This is a straightforward, effective plan. 

White House plan for fightinig inflation

India adopts independent foreign policy

India exhibited leadership, helped Ukraine and also, struck an economically advantageous gas deal with Russia.

Secretary Blinken's joint press availability at the Department of State where India's Foreign Minister of External Affairs Dr. S. Jaishankar defends India's position on purchasing gas from Russia during the Ukraine invasion.

This video was actively distributed in Pakistan. Jinnah's Pakistan Impact Report: Users Reached: 840.1K | Views: 603K

+$1.8Bn / week 

Europe generates +$1.8Bn for Russia in weekly sales (these are conservative estimates, read more here). Global oil prices had doubled since April 2021, hitting $120 a barrel (for Brent crude), putting pressure on European households. Europe has set multi-year targets to reduce Russian dependency as it continues to finance the war.  


While Europe is financing the war, small poor countries are being coerced, governments are ousted and people are pressured to conform to one particular world-view without the freedom to secure its own national interests. This is a precarious position to be in, if freedom is not fought for, Pakistan may very well be driven into a chronically unstable state. For Pakistan, it is very important to have the support of the army to its national struggle and make the military and national ideals correspond with each other. 

Pakistan providing aid to Ukraine

Prime Minister Imran Khan’s government shipped humanitarian aid to Ukraine from Pakistan’s airbase. Ambassador from Ukraine meeting Foreign Minister of Pakistan, Shah Mahmood Qureshi. 

Public reaction to ousting Mr. Imran Khan 

Mr. Imran Khan’s government was ousted, an interim government from PDM was installed. These erroneous decisions erupted in a spontaneous reaction from the public on April 10, 2022, an organized sea of people amassed itself in unprecedented volumes, chanting the Pakistani national anthem, all backing Mr. Imran Khan.

Mr. Imran Khan knew all the factors in the game. In Pakistan it was always the same, the educated middle class was only 35% of the population, and the majority of Pakistanis were unaware and simple-minded. In the past, however bad the times were, they would sit placid, suffering without complaint. But they were easily worked up by capable and unscrupulous leaders, and then they would follow blindly. However, Mr. Imran Khan had one of the great qualifications of a great commander and a world-class athlete, the power to seize his luck and use it. 


Fate provides an opportunity

Mr. Donald Lu, Assistant Secretary for the Bureau of Central Asian Affairs of United States, made a clumsy error of blatantly threatening to remove Mr. Imran Khan’s government via vote of no-confidence or Pakistan will suffer tremendously. These threats by Mr. Lu were documented in the meeting minutes and then, shared with Pakistan’s national security council that confirmed that vote of no-confidence motion by PDM to remove Mr. Imran Khan had been influenced by foreign powers. 

Historic parallels with Turkey

For purposes of drawing historical parallels to this situation let’s review a passage of Turkish history, “In the full flood-light of his great prestige, high up alone on a pinnacle of greatness, stood Mustafa Kemal, the victorious general. The Turks had won. The enemy, the English, the French, the Italians, and the Greeks, had no more fight in them. They were quarreling amongst themselves. Their alliance had turned to enmities. Above all the people of England, France, Italy and Greece did not care one jot what happened in Turkey. They were not going to waste a man or horse, or even a shilling, on fighting the Turks. Now Mustafa Kemal repeated publicly the terms on which Turkey would make peace. They were the same as those laid down in the National Pact. Turkey must be an independent sovereign state within its own frontiers, and free of all foreign interference. 


Mustafa Kemal proclaimed ‘There are no oppressors, nor any oppressed. There are only those who allow themselves to be oppressed. The Turks are not among these. The Turks can look after themselves, let others do the same.’ He would not lead Turkey into these follies nor become the champion of East against West, of Islam against Christianity, of subject races against ruling ones. Mustafa Kemal declared, ‘We have but one principle, to see all problems through Turkish eyes and to guard Turkish interests.’


What was the government of the new Turkey going to be? What would be the fate of the Caliphate or Sultanate? Mustafa Kemal had ideas that were revolutionary, as soon as the foreign enemies were gone the Sultanate, the Caliphate, all the lumber of the Ottoman Empire must go after them, all the old useless pomp and the antiquated nonsense left over from the past. He would proclaim Turkey a Republic, but he had to tread slowly as Turks were a conservative religious people and many generals around him, the politicians and his old enemies, did not accept him as their superior. Many of them hated him personally, now the foreign enemy was beaten, they were not going to allow him to remain master. 


Mustafa Kemal saw that he must go slowly. The opposition was even stronger than he expected. He must wait for or he must create his opportunity. As he waited, events played straight into his hands. A week after the meeting in Refet’s house, the English invited the Sultan to send a delegation to Lausanne to discuss peace terms, and requested him to repeat the invitation to the National Assembly in Angora. It was a clumsy error.


The result was electric. Except for his few personal supporters, every true Turk now hated Sultan Vaheddin. He was the traitor who had sided with the English and with Greeks to destroy Turkey. As soon as the invitation was received there went up a howl of rage. In Constantinople the Sultan’s men were beaten. The Sultan’s servants, his ministers, even the Grand Vizier, dared not show their faces in the streets.”


The people of Pakistan stand with Mr. Imran Khan

Similar electric public reaction emerged in Pakistan in 2022,  after being ousted, Mr. Imran Khan toured every city, village, district from all corners of the country, and as the people listened to Mr. Imran Khan, they awakened to the realities confronting them as a nation. He fanned on the poor dull embers of anger and they came to life. Up and down the country he worked and raged, lashing the people into energy.


With the fire of his personality he burned and stung them out of their lassitude and coma. A flame of enthusiasm and anger ran through the villages and cities, stinging the people into a new energy. Mr. Imran Khan worked on their enthusiasm and sent them out to rouse more  cities, everywhere Khan went he electrified the people to hope and action. Every man, woman and child from all phases and walks of life showed up through rain, bad weather, extreme heat, to listen to their leader and act on his strategy. 


The latent energy of the people unleashed 

These events have torn the crust aside, releasing the volcanic energy of the people, the people must save themselves, resist the foreign imposition of an imported government, the full fighting spirit organically arose in the hearts of brave Pakistani men, women and children. Yesterday Mr. Imran Khan was alone and deserted, today an acknowledged leader surrounded with supporters and backed by the will of the nation. The nation’s rights had been violated and the entire population aligned itself in its entirety with Mr. Imran Khan.


Mr. Imran Khan fought like some royal animal driven into a corner. He made smart calculated moves with extreme persistence that turned the entire national sentiment in his favor, mobilized the people, reorganized national will to launch the “Haqiqi Azadi” (Actual Freedom) movement. 


Mr. Imran Khan asserted that the Pakistani nation, though calm, is determined to maintain its rights as a sovereign independent state. Pakistan will only govern itself through its own accredited representatives. These were fine defiant phrases born of a great faith.

And with that faith there was in Mr. Imran Khan, a great pride, pride in being a Pakistani and in his Pakistan, the pride of an honorable people with a great history behind it. It angered him to hear Pakistanis slighted. He demanded the world to treat Pakistan as equals, and every man, woman and child possessing the slightest ounce of self-respect became a PTI supporter. In the past couple of months, Mr. Imran Khan has invigorated the nation, with his belief in his mission and himself, he has awoken in them their pride and given them a new hope. He asserted “You are Pakistanis, Will you crawl like ants? Or will you soar to new heights? Combine, prepare and victory is ours!” There now is a new courage in the air, for Mr. Imran Khan has that power which has been lacking in the military generals, the judges and all the politicians from PDM combined, of inspiring confidence, reviving courage and action in the people, whether things were good or bad. 

Immediate free and fair elections 

Mr. Imran Khan, the master strategist, understood his people and demonstrated how the PDM government was captive in the hands of foreign powers, hence the power had passed back to the people, all power was with the people, and the people must save themselves, and the legitimate power was vested in the will of the people. Immediate free and fair elections are the only true manifestation of the national will.

Imran Khan

Mr. Imran Khan visiting every city in the country mobilizing the people and rallying the entire population to stand up for freedom. Every great movement finds its source in the depths of the people’s soul, the original spring of all strength and greatness. The national will of the people of Pakistan is to conduct elections now!

This message was actively distributed in Pakistan via digital channels. .

Jinnah's Pakistan Impact Report: 1.2M Users reached

An impartial review of PDM

The new imported government composed of PDM relied on religious fanaticism, and leveraged arcane blasphemy laws to try to hurt Mr. Imran Khan, among various blackmailing and character assassination attempts. Pakistan has fallen back on the days of crass thuggery, brutal use of police force against peaceful protestors, false arrests, naked aggression against freedom of speech, murder, torture, and unlawful use of state machinery for political ends. PDM’s further continuation will translate in the complete retardation of Pakistan’s moral, intellectual, spiritual and economic growth. Naked suppression of democracy as exhibited by PDM is unthinkable in America and other Western countries. 


Let’s review the praise-worthy credentials of the new imported government: 


Information on Mr. Shebaz Sharif's corruption cases were actively distributed in Pakistan via digital channels. Jinnah's Pakistan Impact Report: 1.83M Users Reached

The new Prime Minister of Pakistan, Shehbaz Sharif, has multiple money laundering cases against him. In 2020, FIA registered an FIR against the opposition leader and his sons in a multi-billion sugar scam. Shehbaz Sharif and his son Hamza Shahbaz failed to provide a money trail for an amount up to Rs. 16 billion and are accused of severe money laundering crimes. 


Information on Mr. Nawaz Sharif's corruption cases were actively distributed in Pakistan via digital channels. Jinnah's Pakistan Impact Report: 321k Users Reached

Nawaz Sharif has been sentenced to 10 years in prison and fined $10.6 million on corruption charges linked to 2016 Panama Papers revelations about his family’s properties overseas. Mr. Nawaz Sharif received a special mention for his corruption cases in the movie Laundromat starring Meryl Streep, Gary Oldman, Antonio Banderas and Sharon Stone. 

As for the Zardari-Bhuttos, our friends at New York times and Vice News, reported:

"Ms. Bhutto's twin posts, as Prime Minister and Finance Minister, gave her virtually free rein. Mr. Zardari became her alter ego, riding roughshod over the bureaucracy although he had no formal economic powers until Ms. Bhutto appointed him Investment Minister, reporting only to herself, in July 1996. They maintained an imperial lifestyle in the new Prime Minister's residence in Islamabad, a $50 million mansion set on 110 acres on an Islamabad hilltop.


Within weeks of moving in, Mr. Zardari ordered 11.5 acres of protected woodland on an adjoining hilltop to be bulldozed for a polo field, an exercise track, stabling for 40 polo ponies, quarters for grooms and a parking lot for spectators. When a senior Government official, Mohammed Mehdi, objected to paying for the project with $1.3 million diverted from a budget for parks and other public amenities, Mr. Zardari ''categorically told me that he does not appreciate his orders to be examined and questioned by any authority,'' according to an affidavit filed with the Pakistani investigators by Mr. Mehdi. A few months later, with the work in progress, Mr. Zardari had Mr. Mehdi dismissed.


The investigators say that Mr. Zardari and associates he brought into the Government, some of them old school friends, began reviewing state programs for opportunities to make money. It was these broader activities, the investigators assert, more than the relatively small number of foreign deals revealed in the documents taken from the Swiss lawyer, that netted the largest sums for the Bhutto family.


Among the transactions Mr. Zardari exploited, according to these officials: defense contracts; power plant projects; the privatization of state-owned industries; the awarding of broadcast licenses; the granting of an export monopoly for the country's huge rice harvest; the purchase of planes for Pakistan International Airlines; the assignment of textile export quotas; the granting of oil and gas permits; authorizations to build sugar mills, and the sale of government lands."


Read full NYT article here


Information on Zaradari's corruption cases were actively distributed in Pakistan via digital channels. Jinnah's Pakistan Impact Report: 2.6M Users Reached

How Benazir and Zardari Stole $1.5 Billion Dollars


America visibly engages PDM 

As soon as the new imported government was formed, Secretary Blinken visibly engaged the new foreign minister Bilawal Bhutto, but had lagged in engaging Mr. Khan’s administration, and this played straight into the hands of Mr. Imran Khan. 

Flawed Foreign Policy

The national perception, within Pakistan, became that pliable imported governments will tacitly consent to making concessions with foreign powers on questions that touch national independence. The people of Pakistan asserted that they cannot accept an imported government to solve the complicated questions of national progress with people who are so deficient, both in character and intelligence, and are in fact, crooks and criminals, and are prone to running the country like mafia who have no interest in nation-building, working for economic prosperity and upholding democratic norms and principles.


Jinnah's Pakistan is a pro-American platform, and believes in America, the greatest and freest nation in the world, and asserts that America preserves its interests in the region by engaging Pakistan through leaders that represent the people's will, hopefully local intel and granular detail in this article help. Current strategy to engage Pakistan - frankly - is not working. The Biden administration needs to rethink how it's engaging Pakistan.  


Pakistanis are beggars, claims the new PM

The PDM further provided ammunition to Mr. Imran Khan as the new Prime Minister, Shebaz Sharif, and his team explicitly declared Pakistan a beggar nation, destitute and deprived, on life-support from America.


Assuming servitude because of economic pressures is a sign of a frail mind.

Perhaps Mr. Shebaz Sharif is unaware that Pakistanis measure themselves by their lofty aspirations and bold efforts. Pakistanis don’t perceive themselves as beggars, that is a reflection of Mr. Sharif’s own self-image but not of Pakistan and its people.

This message was actively distributed in Pakistan via digital channels. Jinnah's Pakistan Impact Report: 1.83M Users Reached

Every self-respecting Pakistani got alarmed by the situation, their national liberty was in danger, PDM was accepting servitude in response to applied economic pressures, trauma from colonial times resurfaced, the entire Pakistani nation organized itself behind Mr. Imran Khan.


Friendship not servitude, we will always defend our liberty.

"What constitutes the bulwark of our own liberty and independence? It is not our frowning battlements, our bristling sea coasts, the guns of our war steamers, or the strength of our gallant and disciplined army.

These are not our reliance against a resumption of tyranny in our fair land. All of them may be turned against our liberties, without making us stronger or weaker for the struggle.

Our reliance is in the love of liberty which God has planted in our bosoms. Our defense is in the preservation of the spirit which prizes liberty as the heritage of all men, in all lands, every where. Destroy this spirit, and you have planted the seeds of despotism around your own doors." - Abraham Lincoln

This message was actively distributed in Pakistan. Jinnah's Pakistan Impact Report: 1.7M Users Reached. We believe with this sort of messaging, we can proliferate shared ideals of liberty and democracy.

It's tragicomic when it cannot be even conceived that the President of the United States of America could ever land the job while on bail for a money laundering case worth $80M or has been responsible for a tragic incident where peaceful protestors were killed and injured and, it would be equally inconceivable that 60% of US congress comprises senators on bail, which is exactly the case with PDMs government in Pakistan – majority of senators are crooks, and this is no secret, every kid on the street is aware of these facts.


Naked aggression from PDM

While Mr. Imran Khan packed crowds night after night, rallied the entire nation in every tehsil, city and village, PDM in its nascency, fearful and powerless deployed oppressive measures of tear-gas against families, shelling peaceful protestors and launching mass-arrests including women and children, such actions were against the supreme court’s ruling that had ensured protestors their right to protest that day (May 25th). People were killed, tortured, injured and the people of Pakistan made the ultimate sacrifices for their "actual freedom".

Naked aggression by PDM
Naked aggression by PDM

US Embassy publicly meeting the wrong people

These oppressive measures were designed and launched by an "esteemed" drug-dealer and "well-respected" gangster Mr. Rana Sanullah (think of a scrappier and lower-scale version of Al Capone), who has "legitimized" his place in society and now holds the prestigious office of Interior Minister under PDM. He's got 18 cases of murder charges on him. While meetings should be held with everybody, it’s a bad look for America to be having public meetings with this fellow, here is the US embassy meeting him and sharing it on social media.


The People's champion fights back

Mr. Imran Khan remained cool. Unruffled, he walked under fire. His manner, his steady courage and his determination inspired the nation. He was a rock of strength, his people held on. He made his plans deliberately and then raced into his work with tremendous energy and galvanized the simple Pakistani citizen with a new courage. They were ready to follow him to hell. Mr. Imran Khan worked night and day, backed by the national will, with astounding energy and skill, he threw his whole soul behind the on-going Haqiqi Azadi movement.

Imran Khan

PTI, the largest federal party of Pakistan, asserted its national spirit, completely dominated the provincial parties of PML-N and PPP, and won the by-elections and secured itself the most populous and prosperous province of the country, Punjab. Winning Punjab is a statistically accurate proxy for winning Pakistan, the resounding public victory from the unmistakable will of the people resonated across every region of Pakistan.


This was achieved despite the active use of state machinery by all opposing political parties in the country, and other forces that control state apparatus. Despite an organized, proactive, well-planned and systematic state-level effort to rig the elections, Mr. Imran Khan emerged triumphant. Mr. Churchill's words are apt here for PTI “we must be very careful not to assign to this deliverance the attributes of a victory. But there was a victory inside this deliverance, which should be noted.” The struggle continues.


The American Way

Systems, rules, accountability, sense of national liberty, respect for freedom and doing good is the American way. These are the ideals Pakistanis aspire to espouse in their people. The PDM crooks preserve power by doing America's dirty work, and in securing this connection they offer up military bases without negotiating on behalf of people and their progress, allow drone attacks on their own people, fuel greater hatred and degrade the condition of human rights in the country. 


A long-term view would resoundingly confirm that it is in the interest of a stronger America-Pakistan relationship, to not legitimize criminals, instead denounce corruption and let democracy truly flourish in Pakistan. While, we Americans may gain quick favors from current crooked politicians from PDM, long-term impact will be net-negative, Pakistan’s democracy will suffer, liberty compromised, human rights abuses will proliferate, and the shared ideals and values of freedom and laissez-faire economics will not take root. Pakistanis desire friendship with America, our people are already connected. The openness of American culture and its democratic principles makes the United States a model and a refuge for millions, it is undoubtedly the greatest nation on earth. America is home to many nationalities, races, ethnicities, religions and people from all backgrounds across the world.

The last speech of President Ronald Reagan focused on immigration, one of most important sources of America's greatness. 

Pakistan's focus

Pakistan's focus should be on resolving political instability, generating economic progress, improving the living conditions of the people, building strong defense against possible aggression and making Pakistan a good country to live and raise kids in. We must create complete unity and solidarity, and set an example of what youth can do.  

Call to action 

Please help us create awareness of these events in Pakistan across America. For any American reading this, please share this with your friends and family, discuss these events at dinner, and share your concerns with your public representatives. We are grateful and truly appreciate it. 

Part 1 Focuses on explaining the political events

Part 2 Will focus on the economic impact of regime change in Pakistan

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