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Building National Character

Defining national character through Mr. Jinnah's ideals 


Read Mary Hunter's opinion article on the problem of name-calling and political polarization in Pakistan. Mary is a Postgraduate Research Fellow from the Centre for Army Leadership, which is a Centre of Excellence for 🇬🇧 British Army Leader Development, Research, Strategy, Engagement & Assurance.

Abraham Lincoln

Read our comprehensive article that explains the recent political instability in Pakistan caused from ousting PM Imran Khan via vote of no-confidence and the unprecedented public reaction against it.  

Jobs for government service have a limited future career and financial growth trajectory, the youth of the country can prosper more by operating as entrepreneurs, solving problems and becoming architects of the next big market. 

Steve Jobs
Adil Omar

Straight outta the dungeons of rap


Mr. Jinnah advises to place the nation's welfare above personal interest and self-advancement. 

Development of Pakistan's youth

We will invest in the physical, mental and spiritual development of our youth, which is the greatest asset of the nation. Pakistan possesses a young, energetic, vibrant workforce.  


Read about Pakistan's historic relations with France, and the commitment to unitedly play their parts in promoting peace and prosperity in the present distracted world.

Faisal Mosque

Time is now to transcend the boundaries of provinces, limited nationalism and racialism. Pakistanis must develop a broader sense of patriotism that galvanizes and welds all the people into a united and strong nation.

Our most-widely read articles on international diplomacy.

Statue of Liberty

Pakistan finds inspiration in America's historic fight for self-government and the consistent teaching and practice of democracy in America has for generations acted as a beacon of hope for Pakistan.

Emancipate Our Women

Mr. Jinnah explains that there are two powers in the world; one is the sword and the other is the pen. There is great competition and rivalry between the two. There is a third power stronger than both, that of the women.

A Great Metropolis

Mr. Jinnah explains that we must strive together to make Karachi a great metropolis, a center of trade, industry and commerce, and a seat of learning and culture.

One Essential Condition
Forward Together

Mr. Jinnah explains that we are now all Pakistanis and as Pakistanis, we must feel, behave and act, and we should be proud to be known as Pakistanis and nothing else. 

Screen Shot 2023-02-05 at 1.03.03 AM.png
Mohammad Ali Jinnah

Mr. Jinnah explains that achieving Pakistan was only yet the beginning of an end. We must strive with determination for our nation's progress. We have no doubt that the Muslim genius will put its shoulder to the wheel and succeed towards our noble and lofty objectives.

Mr. Jinnah explains that if we want to build up Pakistan then there is one essential condition, and it is, complete unity and solidarity amongst ourselves.

Mr. Jinnah explains that we must shed sectionalism and unite as one nation.

64% of the nation is younger than 30. 

Read quintessential Pakistani literature that advises the youth on achieving national progress.


Avoid being guided by ill-digested information or slogans or catchwords, Pakistan aims to expand critical thinking among its people, who are eager to learn and progress. 


A blue-print on national conduct during bad times when dark clouds may surround us on all sides, but the nation responds by remaining undaunted, ready with a spirit of sacrifice to endure, overcome and ascend.

Read historic promises made by Mr. Jinnah for the uplift of Balochistan

Jinnah's Promise

Pakistan's promise to Balochistan focused on the educational, social, economic and political uplift of our Baloch brethren. This promise remains to be fulfilled and by learning our history we may exert ourselves towards this positive endeavor. 

Iran Theocracy

Mr. Jinnah explains Pakistan can never be a theocracy in a broadcast to the people of Australia. Pakistan aims to construct an inclusive, tolerant and progressive society.  

Friendly Handshake

Mr. Jinnah sets an example by diffusing an electric political atmosphere with a friendly handshake with the British people.

Pakistan farmer

Data-driven Agriculture

Agricultural production is Pakistan's core economic engine for the present time and there is incredible opportunity to leverage digital tools and data-driven methodologies to enhance yield and output.

There is no God but God

Pakistan carries with it the sympathies of the Muslim World and aims to usher in an era of Islamic renaissance.

Good-will of the world
Think Locally, Act Nationally

Local attachments have their value but what is the value and strength of a 'part' except within the 'whole'.

Pakistan desires nothing so ardently as the goodwill of the world. Pakistan's political ideal in terms of foreign relations is ‘peace within and peace without’.

Strengthened our resolve

Pakistan's trials & tribulations have only strengthened the resolve of Pakistanis to succeed in their mission of achieving national progress.


Mr. Jinnah sets up the "Balochistan Advisory Council" which is not to be a nominal body. It will have real powers such as being able to check and scrutinize the budget of the province.

Center of Culture
Connected History

The history of political reforms for Balochistan is connected with the history of the struggle of the Muslims for freedom

Pakistan ought to focus on investing in education and building universities from which the rays of knowledge and culture can spread throughout the Middle East and Central Asia.


Pakistan's policy on Kashmir is that we are not going to coerce, intimidate or put any pressure on any region making its choice. But those regions that wish to join Pakistan will find us ready and willing to negotiate with them agreement for the mutual advantage of both.


Historically Balochistan has been a deficit province but the citizens of Pakistan will not hesitate to incur financial trade-offs for Balochistan's progress.

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